GURPS: Multiverse

A fallen son

Questor's Introduction

Setting: Crusaders Campaign
The world is at peace even governments were getting along with not an organized conflict to speak of between countries. Malcontents, to be sure, here or there but manageable. It was a new age for the people of this Earth enjoying a prosperity and safety that would make many envious. Technology had advanced in a safe and sane manner, under the careful but invisible guidance of the sentient A.I known as MATRIX a member of the world’s preeminent superteam; The Crusaders. Even the team was doing well, with a full roster and the son of the former leader Warrior, since retired, taking his place. That son, who’s working name of Timemancer, aka Hunter Thorton, was godson to the Supreme Sorcerer of Earth; Questor. The formidable mage and defender of the Prime Realm from magical threat was a reserve member of the Crusader’s these days. He spent his time training his protégé a young female mage by the name of Syron, with an eye to having her be his replacement when the time came.

Only in Africa were things not going well, as a warlord there had gathered metahumans about him and used them to carry out his own brand of ethnic cleansing. It had reached such a crisis level that the world council had formed a task force of Metahuman volunteers from around the world to go and fight against this madman. Many of the Crusaders have joined the effort including their former leader Warrior coming out of retirement.
In Boston, home of the East Coast Crusaders, Timemancer, along with his mother Susan Thorton aka Firestorm also coming out of retirement to fill the ranks, are involved along with their team in a battle against mechanical amalgamations in the downtown streets. The attackers appear to be made up of cars and regular machines given life and a drive to destroy. The team defeats these things handily and is in the middle of lending aid to injured law enforcement and civilians.

Questor watches all of this and various media broadcasts and the events in Africa in is secret sanctorum. The mage cannot shake the feeling something is about to happen. This sensation of imminent threat has been on the edge of his perception now for two weeks. In his private retreat Questor has an artifact that is given to those that hold the position of Supreme Sorcerer. It has been called many things by past holders of this rank, but the current recipient refers to it as ‘The Eye of Mulder’. It foretells crisis and warns the guardian of the prime realm of imminent threat. Despite Questor’s feeling of foreboding, it has remained stubbornly silent.

While the crisis in Africa had seemed to have no sign of magical threat Questor still had requested another Crusader adept in the mystic arts, Sorcerer Blue, investigate for any indications of magic in use. The cloaked mage contacts Questor via a communication spell revealing that he’s found a site of some kind of magical ritual. Sorcerer Blue, using a spell of Questor’s design called ‘Holodeck of the Past’, displays hard eyed mercenaries leading seven bound women and seven bound men to a hilltop devoid of any vegetation. They are joined by other men leading seven bulls to the site as well. The sky above is filled with stars but no moon. All present, the men, women and the animals are killed with machetes. The mercenaries present chant a name that Questor does not know even though he speaks the dialect. It sounds to his ears like ‘Ranter’. Blue confirms that the night this was done was two months ago, right before the trouble in Africa began and that it was on the seventh night of the new moon.

Their communication is brought to an end as the Eye of Mulder activates and warns Questor of the danger he had sensed with a cryptic verse. Of this the verse, the thing that stands out glaringly is the line ‘The son will fall by his own hand…’. Looking at the mystic device he was viewing the Crusaders in Boston with, he watches as one of their most lethal enemies appears. Psimon, along with people that have been half transformed into machines, attacks the team.

Questor teleports to the scene where Timemancer has already tasked the team with stopping the transformed people, without hurting them too badly, while he and his mother Firestorm take the fight to Psimon directly. The elven mage keeps himself masked beneath an illusion and assists in a subtle manner only watching for signs of the forbidding prediction. It happens all too quickly, as the mother and son attack presses in on Psimon staggering him, a beam weapon of some kind is fired at Timemancer from a nearby construction site. Questor acts using a blocking spell in an effort to move his godson a split second through time out of harm’s way. It does not appear to work, and the beam strikes the temporal field that Timemancer generates around him allowing him to move at incredible speeds. As soon as it makes contact the young man barely in his twenties, ages rapidly looking to Firestorm before literally crumbling to dust. To which Psimon, laughs hysterically as if he caused it. This is certainly what the young hero’s mother thought as she rushes at the villainous psionic master and surges her flame to WHITE hot exploding outward. The mage Syron acts rapidly to extinguish the flames using so much power it causes her to injure herself. It works too well, when the explosion is snuffed away, it is revealed that Firestorm’s fire elemental form was ‘extinguished’ as well.

Questor moves instantly to the point which the beam was fired from and finds an armored individual using technology to cloak their presence. They struggle and Questor is aware of portal nearby, he uses a spell to stop the power in the armored suit of his slim opponent. Suddenly the world turns in on itself as the portal opens wider and consumes the construction site and Questor in a great swirling intake of the surroundings.

He plunges into Darkness…


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