The sum of creation is made up of many realities, dimensions and parallel worlds. It has been this way since the dawn of time itself formed in the first cataclysmic explosion of what is known as the Big Bang. Incalculable worlds and life forms are born, live, flourish and eventually end in an endless pattern. On many worlds this happens with its residents unaware of any other realities even existing. Such has been the way of things for time untold.

Until now.

Creation has a sickness and its growing.

Like any living entity the Multiverse grows, spawns, changes and can suffer. It is an ancient entity though, fortified with billions of years and calamities that have shaped it. But, as it is a living entity it can do one more thing that life does as well, it can die. The sickness that is spreading through it has far more potential for long term damage because of its ability to affect multiple realties. Old this sickness is, older than even the Multiverse itself. It has grown and tried to choke the life out of myriad of realties before and failed. It failed because of the canny nature of the Multiverse and the defenses it has in place against falling to malady such as this. Champions from various realities were brought together in a seemingly random manner to act almost as antibodies, protecting the whole of combined realities from the dark spreading disease. The host body, creation, suffered terribly through these periods. Death of its peoples on a scale rarely seen before and destruction of whole worlds laid in the wake after the illness was stopped. Like any resilient virus however, it gets stronger with making protean like changes to itself, causing each occurrence to be worse then its predecessor.
Now, creation shudders again as the illness sets in. The darkness spreads; this time all of the failures of the past have let it adapt itself into a strong, lean and deadly thing. The death it has caused among the populations of the varied realties is WELL on track to exceed its past efforts.

And this is only the overture.

The body of the Multiverse has responded to its oldest adversary recognizing it TOO well from the past battles and the Champions have been gathered. Only time will tell if they will be enough to stop the consuming darkness that seeks to rejoin with itself and shape what is many into one.

Where all will be held still in the absolute silent and immutable darkness.


GURPS: Multiverse

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